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SIf Case Study


SIF helps homes stay connected. SIF has innovated its way into the consumer electronics industry by designing a smart plug that lets you stay connected with your smart home devices at all times.

SIF was in immediate need of a branding exercise to position it as an agile and innovative entity in the electronic space, for the hustlers, ninjas, and homemakers. It also required assistance in guiding the brand on their product’s website design & communication.


Revamping the brand through the lens of a complete website redesign and giving a new look and feel. SIF had to establish its brand presence and reach out to the audience in retail in India and globally (online). Covid had also developed challenges for SIF to come up with innovative techniques to market the brand

1] No brand positioning

There was no existence of SIF as an authority leader in the consumer electronic space. No awareness among consumers.

2] No User Experience

No medium for users to buy or experience the product.
No brand communication for product features, awareness or purchase benefits.

 3] City specific Product Launch Plan

Ideating and Identifying the relevant consumer touch points to create a well versed go-to market strategic approach.


Final Identity Design

A brand that connects with the Genz. A segment that requires a plug that helps you stay connected to their wifi at all times. A segment that hated call drops and has a device that additionally connects their smart home devices to their phone.

A vibrant logo design that evokes connectivity.

“The logo design defines the philosophy that to stay connected at all times, a shape that shows infinite limitations, is the need of the hour”

Logo, Colour,Type & Tone Ideation

Pattern Ideation

The Indian market needed a cool brand for SIF that could relate with hostel students, entrepreneurs & home makers, everyone who were pulling their hair out while trying to fix their internet connectivity issues. However, “simple” is not about us.

We started analyzing the market, looked around, the smart plug – something that helps us stay connected to the wifi and yet stay connected to our home devices and a brand that speaks our language. We hugged, kissed, connected to it, crammed it in our home sockets, we even started feeling doubtful whether we know exactly the purpose of this product.

Stop. Is that SIF’s main idea?

We dug into the search, and we found it. A smart plug that ‘connects the unconnected’. It is created to upgrade your wifi bars and connect within homes made of concrete walls. Competitors also forgot to mention that. And here, a strategy came up – now use a plug that lets you stay connected at all times, and our target audience is not indifferent to using wifi booster packs. We realized what should we use in our communication

GTM Plan

The SIF Passport

A campaign that resonates with the brand philosophy of connecting the unconnected. This helped us come up with the idea for the SIF passport campaign. Prompting the users to sign up for a passport that allows them to purchase a SIF device on an invitation basis.


Drive registrations & signups for the SIF passport campaign through a customised landing page

City Leaderboard

Keep track of where Sif will be arriving first

Sif will be rolling out city-by-city basis. Here are the
top cities we are currently tracking. Sign up for the passport 
waitlist and share with your friends to move your city up the leaderboard

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