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RyaenR Case Study


RyaenR takes its origin from one of the most eccentric shark from the investor pool. RyaenR takes its name from Ravichandra Reddy who is a serial investor, responsible for several unicorn companies in the tech, renewable energy, manufacturing, construction,finance, and entertainment industries.


RyaenR lacked a personality and it operated within the confines of a traditional company with no categorisation within industries. Lack of a parent brand was making it difficult to streamline processes for companies within different industries.

1] No brand positioning

There was no existence of RyaenR as an authority leader in the consultation space No awareness among consumers.

2] No User Experience

No medium for users to buy or experience the product. No brand communication for product features, awareness or purchase benefits.

 3] City specific Product Launch Plan

Ideating and Identifying the relevant consumer touch points to create a well versed go-to market strategic approach.


Final Identity Design

A brand which connects with the stakeholders of the company. A young and vibrant brand that resonates with the beliefs of the young leadership.

A logo design that evokes steps taken to make the future possible. What better to denote this than a star, that at the same time brings out the essentricity of Ravichandra Reddy

Final Logo

Logo, Colour,Type & Tone Ideation

Website Design


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