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Pocket52 Case Study

Search Engine Optimization / Landing Page Creation

Pocket52 Case Study

Pocket52 is a tech-savvy Poker platform, designed to create an excellent poker gaming experience and is equipped to nurture the dream of players who aspire to be professionals in poker. With a small team of dynamic  people, we keep innovating to bring out the best in the players on the platform.

Pocket52 approached IndusVed as their business was doing well but they were missing a lot of potential organic traand users from Search Results & other 3rd party platforms. They were looking to capture the business from high intent searched queries related to Online Real Money Poker gaming.



Improving the relevance of the website for high intent queries related to online poker by improving the website structure and achieving the authority to outrank the competitors.  Also, a low rating on Google My Business Listing was a concern for the P52 team.


1] On page SEO

Making changes to the existing website and revamping the content with intent of improving relevance.


2] Low Authority

There were some irrelevant low quality links which were affecting the overall authority.


3] Duplicate content

 Multiple pages targeting similar set of keywords creating cannibalization issue creating confusion for search engines on which page to rank for a single query.


4] Competitive Niche

Big Players like Adda52, Pokerstars dominating the search results with their authority


To overcome the challenge of ad rejection, we created a dynamic digital strategy to bypass the ad restrictions. Also, we experimented on new platforms which gave us great results and highly inexpensive targeted lead generation.


1] Technical Fixes

  Strategy to make the technical SEO structured on the website by fixing critical issues. SchemaImplementation for improving CTR


2] Link Building

Revamped the whole link building process and acquired links from good relevant websites to improve DR. Improved the DR from 26 to 37


3] Fixing Cannibalization

Proper URL Mapping is done for each target landing page with Keywords focused to fix the cannibalization and duplicate content Issue.


4] Competition Analysis

Extensive Competition Research and leveraging keyword growth opportunities. Competitor Link Profile Analysis & Outreach



Pocket52 is strongly positioned as India’s First Online Poker Network and dominating Google Search Results in the Poker Community


Changing the overall Onpage Structure of the website by fixing the keyword cannibalization issue and boosting authority through the acquisition of high-quality backlinks in a short span of time.


The increased authority and topical relevance would help Pocket52 achieve more traffic through faster rankings on the existing and new content verticals.

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