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Mudrex Case Study


Mudrex, a Crypto Algo Trading platform founded by IIT Bombay alumni, and backed
by YCombinator, is on a mission to bring advanced trading and investing to everyone. IndusVed partnered with Mudrex to achieve their objective of onboarding 10x investors on their platform. They were looking for investors from countries like the USA, Russia, Canada, Brazil, UK, Italy, India, South Korea, Netherlands, Australia, and more.


Mudrex’s major challenge was to outrank very established and authoritative do- mains in SERPs which would help them gain more traction.

1] Competitive Niche

Most of the websites ranking in Top 10 Google Search Re- sults were estab- lished with very high Domain Rating like 3commas, Cryptohopper, etc.

2] Lack of Structured Content

A lot of existing con- tent on the website was not structured as per SEO and user intent which is very important.

 3] Very low authority

The websitehad less authority, andthe number of backlinks was very low as compared to its peers.


To overcome the challenges, we created a structured approach towards content creation and acquiring high-quality backlinks to build authority and topical relevance.

1] Dynamic Content Approach

The created website had a Content strategy around competitor keywords to leverage opportunities to compare Mudrex with other platforms.

2] Content Marketing

Publishing high quality Technical and Trending content to gain traction and place Mudrex as a Subject Matter Expert on Crypto Trading related Topics.

3] Backlink Automation

Leveraged High Authority Press Releases to get a huge number of backlinks fast on high DA Websites like Yahoo Finance, AP News.


Publishing Structured Content led to acquiring Top 5 positions on some highly searched keywords. Also, it led to a reduced bounce rate on the website.


Increased New Users Month on Month, which in turn converted into investors on the platform.

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